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English CV
Date and place of birth: 01/02/77, Cham (ZG), Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss
Marital status: single
c/Alfonso XII, 30 4°, 2a
E - 08006 Barcelone
P.: +34 932 373 138 (priv.)
P.: +34 932 096 544 (prof.)
anitalocher at gmail.com
++ 09/2009 – Master in Administration of Digital Content
University of Barcelona (UB)

++ 2007-2007 Master in Design and Fotography at Elisava and University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

++ 1999-2002 Technical University for Library and Information science (Haute Ecole de Gestion, Departement d’Information documentaire)
Bâtiment F, Route de Drize 7, 1227 Carouge, Switzerland
Specialization : Intranet

++ 1997-1998 Exchange year with ‘Up With People’
(International, not-for-profit organization with no political or religious ties)
It accelerates education and career opportunities and helps to develop leadership through international travel, on-stage performance and volunteer work .
Travel through the USA, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Portugal

++ 1996-1997 School of art (Ecole des arts décoratifs, Geneva, Switzerland, nowadays called: Haute Ecole d'Arts Appliqués, HEAA)

++ 1989-1996 Middle school (Kantonsschule Zug, Switzerland)

++ 02.05/2007 - Responsible for the school library at the Swiss School of Barcelona.
Creating and maintaining library services.

++ 02.02/2004 - 28.02/2007 Responsible for public relations at the Mediathek Wallis – Brig, Switzerland.
Project management of the cultural events at the library. Guiding classes and groups through the library, reference librarian and acquisition.

++ 2004 / 2005 / 2006 Teacher for document research in data bases and Internet and bibliography techniques at the Technical University Valais for Health and Social Work (HEVs), Visp, Switzerland

++ 01.10/2003 - 31.12/2003 Mandated by the "Conseil de pilotage du service de l'information scientifique et technique de l'Université de Genève" University of Geneva, Switzerland

Teacher of the class: "Introduction for students to the documentation resources of the university libraries". Promotion and evaluation of the class.

++ 02.12/2002 - 28.02/2003 Public and University Library of Geneva (Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Genève)

Independent cataloguer for books and theses

++ 21.09/2001 - 26.10/2001 Public libraries connection of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Sistema Estadual de Bibliotecas Públicas do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul.)

Workgroup participant on the digitalization of the public library with the goal of choosing MARC fields for the new library system.

++ 27.08/2001 - 26.10/2001 Central library of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica Ir. José Otão (PUCRS. Biblioteca Central Irmão José Otão)

Indexing and cataloguing books.

++ 20.08/2001 - 24.08/2001 Library and Documentation Center of the office of the attorney general - Biblioteca Laura Oliveira
(Procuradoria de Informação, Documentação e Aperfeiçoamento Profissional da Procuradoria Geral do Estado Rio Grande do Sul)

Updating the data base Folio Views with new book files and users

++ 14/07/2000 - 14/08/2000 Main Library of the University of Zurich Irchel - Graduation and research department (Hauptbibliothek Universität Zürich Irchel)

Work at the information desk and home loan

++ 01/03/1999 - 14/03/1999 State Archive of Zurich (Staatsarchiv des Kantons Zürich)

Update of the data base (Access).
Research of personal data.

++ 01/09/1998 - 31/08/1999 Main Library of the University of Zurich Irchel

Reference librarian. Medical data base research. Responsible for inter library loan. Book acquisition. Resumes of video documentaries. Creation of an intern address data base.

++ 25/02/2002 - 28/02/2003 "Le nouveau visage des archives d'Orgexpo : développement d'un système d'archivage dans une entreprise"
Organization of an archive and records management system for Geneva-Palexpo, enterprise for expositions (dissertation, group work)

Reference: Daniel Ducharme, Professor (e-mail: danielducharme@yahoo.ca) and Yves Cretegny, Palexpo (tel.: ++41 / (0)22 7611010 / e-mail: yves.cretegny@geneva-palexpo.ch)

++ 07/01/2002 - 12/07/2002 "Intranet du COM"
Member of the workgroup on creation of the Intranet for the department of communication of the University Hospital (Geneva)

++ 01/09/2000 - 29/09/2000 "La veille"
Creation of a documentary file about economical intelligence for the Haute Ecole de Gestion Genève

++ 2001 - 2002, 2006 Service Civil International SCI,

Participant of an ecological workcamp in Yougoslavia and Iceland for 2 weeks each and of several social volunarty actions in the french part of Switzerland.

++ 1998 - 2002 AFS intercultural programs, local comity Geneva (exchange program for college students)

Member, responsible for fundraising and co-organizer of local activities. Selection interviews with participants.

+ German fluent, written and spoken
+ French fluent, written and spoken
+ English good, written and spoken
+ Spanish good, written and spoken
+ Portuguese good, written and spoken
+ Catalan beginner
+ ALEPH 500, Virtua (VTLS)
+ Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook
+ Filemaker Pro, Access
+ Photoshop, Gimp
+ HTML, Dreamweaver
+ XML (basic knowledge)
+ Specialized data base and Internet research
+ JavaScript (basic knowledge)